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10 Essential Spice Racks for Your Kitchen

The best recipes require various spices and seasonings. Without them, all of your favorite dishes lack flavor and taste bland. With spice racks, you can arrange and organize your essential spices and keep your recipes exciting.

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Wildflower Whimsy Spice Rack $19.73

A Pioneer Woman Wildflower Whimsy 6 Jar Spice Rack full of thyme, salt, black pepper, white pepper, and red pepper flakes in a kitchen setting

Featuring a floral paint print on a rustic acacia wood base, this Wildflower Whimsy Spice Rack holds up to six of your favorite spices. It comes with six vintage-style jars that add a bit of whimsy and a pop of color to your kitchen counter. If you are a fan of The Pioneer Women Collection, this seven-piece item matches other pieces from that line.

Criss-Cross Bamboo Spice Rack $33.99

A Kamenstein 18-Jar Criss-Cross Bamboo Spice Rack with spice and seasoning labels on black caps

This Criss-Cross Bamboo Spice Rack is an attractive wall-mounted decoration for your home. It saves space on the countertop and fits around eighteen jars. All jars come with the appropriate labels, which means no more scrounging around messy cabinets. This spice rack can be mounted, placed on the countertop, or tucked away in a drawer.

Spice Rack Stand and Kitchen Organizer $25.99

A black Blümwares Spice Rack Stand and Kitchen Organizer with labels and twelve clear glass bottles full of spices

When it comes to countertop appliances, it's in your best interests to get this Blümwares Spice Rack Stand. It’s a sleek and stylish product that doesn’t take up space and doesn’t require assembly out of the box. You can easily find the perfect spice for your dish in its included eighteen crystal-clear glass jars. This striking spice organizer brings a modern look to your kitchen.

Revolving Chrome Wire Spice Rack $19.97

A silver Kamenstein Revolving Chrome Wire Spice Rack with sixteen jars full of various spices

Organizing kitchen supplies can be fun with this Revolving Chrome Wire Spice Rack. Place all sixteen pre-filled spice jars on the stainless steel rack and turn it around for easy access to your desired herbs and spices. The carry handle makes it easy to transport spices from one room to the next.

3-Tier Spice Organizer $13.29

A grey Kitchen Deals 3-Tier Spice Organizer with bottles of black pepper, lemon pepper, and garlic powder

If you’re looking for a simple space for your herbs and seasoning, look no further than this 3-Tier Spice Organizer from Kitchen Deals. It has enough space for twelve small glass jars, and new cooks will appreciate the open staircase design that offers a quick and easy retrieval.

Metal Spice Drawer Organizer $17.97

A Metal 3 Tier Spice Rack and Drawer Organizer with eighteen spice jars with silver twist-on caps and a sheet of labels

Don’t you hate it when your spice jars fall over by accident? Keep all your salt, pepper, basil, and other seasonings safely inside this Metal Spice Drawer. It stores up to either eighteen full-size glass jars or thirty-six half-size jars, and all of them can slide out on three trays. Use the included labels sheet and customize the spice drawer to your liking.

Lazy Susan Turntable Spice Organizer $23.99

An InterDesign Linus Lazy Susan Turntable Spice Organizer Rack with a bottle of yellow mustard, honey mustard sauce, and a jar of horseradish

Bring the fun of Lazy Susan tables to your home with this Turntable Spice Organizer. Adults and children will have fun spinning the turntable for their favorite dressings, spices, and toppings during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Place it in cabinets for those hard-to-reach items for a stress-free experience.

Bamboo Herb & Spice Shelf Stand Holder $28.97

A Bamboo Herb & Spice Shelf Stand Holder with twenty-three glass jars with labels on the caps

Add this Bamboo Herb & Spice Shelf Stand to your countertop. It holds up to twenty-three spice jars and offers a sophisticated and modern look to your kitchen space. Not only does it contain your favorite spices, but also, you can store office supplies, garage tools, and much more!

4 Tier Spice Rack $29.99

A Homeries 4 Tier black Spice Rack holding thirty-five spice, herb, and seasoning containers

Impress your family, friends, and guests with this 4 Tier Spice Rack from Homeries. This towering stand holds up to over thirty small or large spices, herbs, and seasonings of your choice! The shelf keeps all jars safe and secure while inside cabinets or mounted on the wall.

Spice Carousel $39.99

A black and champagne metal finish KitchenArt Pro Series Spice Carousel with containers full of red pepper, thyme, parsley, and cinnamon

Revolutionize the way you cook and store items with this KitchenArt Spice Carousel. Its fully stackable design allows for easy storage of 48 different spices. It also has an auto-measure dispenser! Place it on top of your dining room table, kitchen countertop, or inside a cabinet.

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