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Sustainable and Stylish Baby Products for Growing Families

Do you feel like you are wasting resources on disposable diapers? Kanga Care has the perfect baby products for environmentally-conscious parents. 

Shop for baby diapers, towels, pail liners, and more from Kanga Care in MyUS Marketplace!

Lil Learnerz Swim and Toilet Training Pants $27.99

A pair of green and pink Kanga Care Lil Learnerz Swim and Toilet Training Pants featuring cute donut print

Make potty training fun and stress-free with these Lil Learnerz Training Pants. The layers provide a comfortable fit for sensitive skin. Choose between thirty-four colors and prints that match your style and being your child’s potty training. 

Penguin Family Travel Buddiez $15.99

Four Kanga Care Penguin Family Travel Buddiez that come in teal, black, blue, and pink

These Penguin Travel Buddiez come in handy whether you’re at home or on vacation. Children cannot resist the soft and colorful penguin designs. The twist-off caps make it easy to customize and label your mini dispensers. 

Rumparooz 10 Pack $100

A stack of ten white Rumparooz from the Kanga Care Rumparooz Hemp 6R Soaker 10 Pack

Why waste hundreds of dollars on single-use disposable diapers and inserts when you can use this Rumpazrooz Pack instead? The microfiber, hemp, and bamboo inserts maximize long-lasting comfort and absorbency to your toddler’s diapers. 

Flat Fold Cloth Diapers $25.95

A pack of white Kanga Care Unbleached Birdseye, Bamboo Rayon, and Cotton Flat Fold Cloth Diapers

New parents will see that these Flat Fold Cloth Diapers are superior to standard disposable diapers. Using these diapers from birth to potty training enhances your newborn’s comfort and lessens your impact on the environment. 

3D Seam Sealed Wet Bag $19.95

A woman wearing a white shirt and black pants, carrying a pink Kanga Care Reusable 3D Dimensional Seam Sealed Wet Bag

Save money on garbage bags to dispose of diapers with this 3D Seam Sealed Wet Bag. The 3D shape allows for more volume and storage for diapers, toys, clothing, and more. Use it as a makeshift garbage can or camping bag.

Plush Blankets and Swaddles $33.99

A red Tetris Block Party Kanga Care Plush Serene Blanket and Swaddle

Wrap your little ones in this cozy Plush Blanket and Swaddle. It features a soft, lightweight, and breathable bamboo muslin fiber that’s soft and warm to the touch. Use it for naps, bedtime, winter days, and on the go. 

Reusable Microchamois Cloth Diaper Liners $10

A pack of white Kanga Care Reusable Microchamois Cloth Diaper Linens

These Reusable Cloth Diaper Liners make it easy to catch waste without leaking through your child’s clothing. The liners can also take diaper rash cream without compromising its overall integrity. Wash them for continual usage through your child’s infancy. 

Lil Newborn All in One AIO Cloth Diaper Pack $29.95

A newborn wearing a white Kanga Care Lil Newborn All in One AIO Cloth Diaper featuring black and yellow shapes

Enhance your child’s fashion without compromising safety with this All in One Diaper Pack. They come in a variety of fun colors and prints and with microfiber barriers that protect against accidents. Use them for vacation, photoshoots, naptime, potty training, and more!

Rumparooz Doll Diaper Set $10.99

A toddler sitting next to a stuffed elephant in a black Kanga Care Rumparooz Doll Diaper

What happens with the leftover scraps of Rumparooz diapers? Kanga Care makes these Doll Diapers for children’s toys! Educate your children on the importance of changing diapers with their stuffed animals. It’s a fun and engaging activity to share with the whole family. 

Rumparooz OBV Pocket Cloth Snap Diaper $34.99

A baby laying on the grass, wearing a blue Rumparooze OBV One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper with red, blue, and white and black fox print

From birth to potty training, this OBV Pocket Diaper offers max absorbency with its premium organic materials. The double inner gussets keep messy accidents locked in without leaking. Choose between twenty-nine patterns that match their style and let your babies enjoy indoor and outdoor activities. 

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