HotSpot Pets Long Range Wireless Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Training Collar - Black

HotSpot Pets Long Range Wireless Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Training Collar - Black

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HotSpot Pets
HotSpot Pets
If you have a small medium or large sized pet dog (weight 15lbs & above, collar size 7” & above) who seems to be unnaturally aggressive, disobedient, lethargic, restless, high on activity or always barking, you need to start training it to your commands – and the best thing to get you started is the Hot Spot Pets Premium Dog Training Collar! The Longest Range Available With our Shock Collar for Dogs, you get an unprecedentedly long range of 800 yards, thanks to its powerful 2.4GHz frequency - no signal drops & no interference with other collars in the vicinity. In contrast, an average dog shock collar only offers a 330-yard range. It’s Waterproof! Being absolutely waterproof, the collar works just fine in rain & snow alike. 4 Modes & 7 Levels of Operation This versatile dog bark collar features 4 modes for thorough dog training: - Static Shock - Vibration - Beep -Flash (Light Mode) With a sensitive rheostat dial on the remote, you can vary the simulation intensity smoothly across 7 levels, letting you command your dog without alarming/annoying it. Other Features - Long-lasting, rechargeable collar (NO ANTENNA) & LCD remote - Auto-standby mode for power saving - Memory storage to recall favorite commands Package Contents: 1 x Remote 1 x Receiver 1 x Nylon Belt 1 x USB Charging Cable 1 x Charger 1 x Test Bulb 1 x User Manual Your search for the perfect & reliable dog training collar with remote ends here.UNPRECEDENTED 800-YARD RANGE – Hot Spot Pets Dog Training Collar uses a powerful radio frequency (2.4GHz) to provide an unprecedented 800-yard range unlike most other options that offer only a 330-yard range! Being perfectly waterproof, you can use this premium shock collar for dogs even in extreme weather – perfect for household/shepherd/hunter/retriever breeds LONG-LASTING, RECHARGEABLE COLLAR & REMOTE – Stop fumbling for batteries! With long-lasting rechargeable dog bark collar & remote, it’s easy to keep the assembly powered up even for long hours! A stroll in the park or an intense training session in the field – keeping the collar/remote powered up should be the last & least of your worries now √ EASY-TO-OPERATE - Unlike alternative dog shock collars, Hot Spot Pets Premium Dog Training Collar is ergonomic at both ends! A soft, durable & high-strength bark collar holds the receiver firmly (no antennas!), while the easy to operate & hold matte-material remote (w/ Auto-standby & memory storage) makes it easy for you to control your dog like never before √ 4 MODES & 7 LEVELS FOR FULL-FLEDGED CONTROL - Want your pup to train to even the most difficult of commands? This one is for you! With 4 active modes (Static Shock/Vibration/Beep/Automation) & 7 fine-tuneable simulation levels, you can easily ensure that your dog gets the message loud & clear - without confusion
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