Pooch Pad Protection Training Dog Pads. Thick & Soft, XTRA Absorbent Puppy Pads.

Pooch Pad Protection Training Dog Pads. Thick & Soft, XTRA Absorbent Puppy Pads.

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Pooch Pad
Pooch Pad Protection
  • - 25 count training pads
  • - 50 count training pads
  • - 75 count training pads
  • - 100 count training pads
  • - 125 count training pads
  • - 150 count training pads
  • - 175 count training pads
  • - 40 count training pads
  • - 80 count training pads
  • - 120 count training pads
  • - 160 count training pads
These POOCH PAD PROTECTION for DOGS are now becoming the #1 BEST SELLING and MOST WANTED Training Pads! Also works great to put on beds, under or on top of the sheet to protect your mattresses from sweat, or leaks. Do you have a family member that wets their bed? Do you hate cleaning & drying their mattress? Then you just put down a pad & you will avoid the frustration as well as eliminate the bad uri ne od ors! Best of all, you will protect the mattress! This PADS stays on top of the game & compete with any brands of pads that you've been buying online or at your local store, we developed them in the USA with AMERICAN STANDARDS & QUALITY. That's right! Our Puppy Pads are simply the best training pads for dogs & cats and are the simplest SOLUTION for TRAINING! Yet, very complicated on our end, with much research & endless efforts to apply the newest & best materials, yet keep the cost affordable!!! By testing many samples from all the competing brands & studying all customer's reviews & complaints we are finally able to provide you with an OUTSTANDING PRODUCT:"THE PERFECT TRAINING PADS" that will WOW all our customers!!!
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