Puppy Training Pads - 30" x 36" Disposable Extra Large Super Heavy Absorbent Indoor Potty Training Pads for Puppies 24-Count- Pee Pads for Pet Dogs – Wee Pad for Floor, Dog Bed, Carrier, Crate, Cage

Puppy Training Pads - 30" x 36" Disposable Extra Large Super Heavy Absorbent Indoor Potty Training Pads for Puppies 24-Count- Pee Pads for Pet Dogs – Wee Pad for Floor, Dog Bed, Carrier, Crate, Cage

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Brand Name:
Stack Man
Date First Available:
October 15, 2020
  • POTTY TRAINING PADS FOR PUPPIES – Potty train your pup without the stress of a mess! Stack Man brand puppy pads provide medical-grade protection against moisture to keep homes, apartments, kennels and indoor areas clean and clear of puppy pee and doggy doo.
  • INDOOR PROTECTIVE PADS FOR DOGS – They aren’t just for puppies! These disposable pads provide extra support and pee protection in the house for aging dogs and pets that are sick or recovering post-surgery. Also great for absorbing spilled water and food messes.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT INNER POLYMER – Stack Man puppy pads are designed with more Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) than other leading brands. This inner polymer traps odors and turns urine to a gel that won’t leak. Simply roll up and dispose of the pad when done.
  • EXTRA STRONG TEAR-FREE BACK SHEET – Constructed with a strong, breathable backing sheet that holds up under the demands of active paws and playful puppies! Durably designed to not rip or tear while your pet walks around and gets settled into position.
  • PREVENT DAMAGE TO FLOORS & SURFACES – Avoid time-consuming clean-ups and expensive damage to carpets, rugs, wood floors, car seats, crates and carriers. Place these X Large 30” x 36” pads near doorways to help catch and absorb water, mud and outdoor messiness.
Included Components:
Puppy Training Pads 24 Pack
Item model number:
Model Number:
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Special Features:
Potty Training and Pee Protection , Diamond Quilted Cotton Top Sheet , Super Absorbent Inner Polymer , Strong Tear-Resistant Back Sheet , Protect Floors and Surfaces, X Large 30” x 36” Size
Temperature Rating:
Ambient: 15 to 25 C (59 to 77 F)
Are you a proud puppy parent just beginning to potty train your pet? Do you want to prevent spills, muddy paw prints and general indoor doggy messes? Make pet potty training and moisture-protection easy with Stack Man puppy pads!PRODUCT FEATURES:Potty Training and Pee Protection Diamond Quilted Cotton Top SheetSuper Absorbent Inner PolymerStrong Tear-Resistant Back SheetX Large 30” x 36” Size Bulk 24 PackGet your furry best friend on the fast-track to potty training success with these premium absorbent pads! Even beyond puppyhood, sometimes pets need a bathroom alternative when they’re aging, sick or won’t have outdoor access for an extended period of time.MULTIPLE LAYERS OF PROTECTIONA soft, diamond quilted cotton top sheet provides a sanitary first layer of comfort and softness. Next, a super absorbent polymer inner layer turns urine and liquids into an easy-to-contain gel. Then, unlike other leading pet pads that rely on thin plastic backing, Stack Man pads use a resilient, durable back sheet that won’t rip or tear under busy paws and claws!EASY DISPOSABLE CLEAN UP Are you sick of wet, smelly car seats and having to do multiple loads of dirty pet towels? Cut down on laundry and keep your car pristine with these extra large size pads. Once the pad is dirty and used up, just toss it out and replace hassle-free. Perfect to place under food and water bowls if you have a messy muncher or slobbery slurper!CRATE AND SPOT TRAININGIf you’re looking for the perfect way to teach your pet to use the bathroom in a certain area, then look no further! These training pads help to reinforce positive potty behaviors and prevent dogs from soiling the wrong surface. Place in a carrier or crate with sides to make sure inexperienced pups don’t miss the pad.Treat your fur baby to the best in the business with Stack Man puppy pads.
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