STABILicers Neos High Waterproof Overshoe with Integrated Traction Cleats [Large]

STABILicers Neos High Waterproof Overshoe with Integrated Traction Cleats [Large]

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  • With the same aggressive cleats as the Stabilicer Maxx, the waterproof Overshoe is designed to provide traction while protecting your shoes or boots & keeping feet warm & dry. SCROLL DOWN TO RELATED VIDEO SHORTS FOR MORE!
  • VERSATILE - Winterize any shoe or boot with arctic-ready overshoes that keep you moving safely through ice, snow, and slush. Long-wearing, heat treated, replaceable cleats ensure lasting durability, performance and value.
  • EASY WEAR - An extra large gusseted opening allows you to easily slip your shoes and boots in and out of the Overshoe. Great for those who need to get about through winter’s messy conditions without have to swap footwear.
  • REDUCE INJURY - Traction tread outsole and cleats simultaneously contact the surface, providing superior grip on ice, snow, and wet pavement. The weatherproof construction keeps feet and ankles dry and protected when slogging through snow, sleet, and slush.
  • Made in USA - Designed and manufactured in the USA to the highest quality and performance standards, the Voyager is ideal for lift operators, oil field crews, and park rangers; or anyone who needs to stay dry and safe in cold, wet, slippery conditions.
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